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        1. 欢迎来到expekt商贸官方网站!
          Contact us
          Telephone:86-10-58677289   4008-100-128
          Address: Rm2909, NO.1 Building, Jia NO.6 ShuGuangXiLi, Chaoyang District, Beijing
          Spacelabs Healthcare


          Manufacture: Spacelabs Healthcare
          Address: USA
          Functional specifications
          This “evolutionary” anesthesia delivery system expands to enable a wide-angle view of the clinical setting, so you can face your patient. Plus, it offers a host of additional clinical advancements, including:
          Centrally located clinical controls for ease-of-use.
          A touchscreen display with intelligent navigation.
          Intuitive and highly customizable user interface.
          Signature lighting to emphasize active controls.
          A rotating breathing circuit for bringing anesthesia delivery closer to your patient.
          A full range of ventilation modes.

          Using innovative concepts in industrial design, ARKON offers a variety of features that help to manage overall workflow in the operating room, including:

          Natural storage areas for equipment and paperwork.

          An expandable work surface.

          A system status computer that communicates, the state of the battery backup, inlet gas pressure, gas scavenging and machine check out.

          Seven electrical outlets distributed where they are needed.

          Built-in USB and Ethernet ports.

          Alternate height work surfaces.

          A convenient drop down shel.

          A pull out keyboard tray.

          Built-in lighting where you want it.