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            Corporate culture

            Fiscal 2016 annual meetting
            Source:  Time:2017-03-29 13:52

            During March 10-18, 2017 ,Bejing Talent Trade Co., Ltd 's annual fiscal year summary conference was held in Xiamen city of Fujian Province, which known as "Egret Island". Staff from all over the country rushed to Xiamen to attend the meeting.
            In fiscal 2016, the annual conference kicked off with the theme “Facing change, seizing opportunities, and stimulating life”.

            The first theme - Meetings and Awards for Excellence: Each department held a group meeting on March 10-12. All staff gathered together on the 13th to scrutinize all the hardships and difficulties in 2016 and look forward to the future development of the company and the thriving blueprint. In the conference, outstanding employees of various departments are commended and awarded.
            The second theme - the Gala : On the evening of the 13th, everyone enjoyed the wonderful and novel program happily and participated in a round of exciting sweepstakes. The party finally reached the climax at the Wechat shake sweepstakes . In the end,  we all laugh a stomach ache and almost shaken off themselves' wrist and we all reluctantly ended this  Gala.
            The third theme - leisure travel :  as the saying goes, "it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times" We visited Xiamen University, Hulishan Fort, Tulou, Nanputuo and Gulangyu. . . We visited almost all famous attractions and experienced the charm of the maritime city of Xiamen. Although we are tired, we are still reluctant to stop visiting the scenery.
            These days of Xiamen tour let us linger, but we had to embark on the road back to Beijing. Looking forward to the next trip. . .