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                Corporate culture

                BTT 2017 Annual meeting
                Source:  Time:2018-05-07 13:28

                Beijing Talent Trade Co., Ltd.(BTT), has crossed for 20 excellent years since established in 1998. The 20 years anniversary ‘Brillant 20 years, share the happy life ’ and 2017 summary meeting were celebrated with great ceremony on Mar. 20th.

                 The meeting were consist by three subject: review of the past 20 years, summary of 2017 and award of outstanding employee. 
                With the music Terry's side of the carnival, the evening party was started. Every  department perform their elaborate and colorful shows including sing, dancing, opusculum, calligraphy and so on. These great performance make us feel very happy and don’t want to end the party.
                After the great meeting, 8 days Taiwan trip will started for each staff.