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            A relay of love, escort for love! A one-year-old boy is in urgent need to transfer hospital because of the 11 days of coma under his mother’s domestic
            Source:  Time:2017-05-25 10:04

            Looking back to the event children was severely injured by mothers’ beaten
               According to the Beijing News reported, on the morning of May 13th in Tangshan, Hebei province, a woman suddenly became angry because of “trifles” and beat her children of one boy and one girl by clubs making them deeply injured. According to the introduction from the father Bingxing Liu, the elder daughter was 7 years old this year born from his ex-wife. And the younger son was less than one year old born by the present wife.

               On May 11th, Bingxing Liu worked out. Then on the morning of May 13th, he suddenly received a call from his family, saying that the kid” was beaten by his wife”.  after this call, he went back to his home right away and received the call from his father-in-law, saying that”the kid is going to die”. when Bingxing Liu came home, the two kids had already sent to Tangshan Workers Hospital. At the hospital, Bingxing Liu saw his son lying on the bed and “his eyes were straight”, while the daughter were covered in blood. Later in the day, the younger son started in a coma.

               The family stated that, on that day, the mother was “violent”, she held one steel club to her son because of his infant crying and then injured her daughter. Bingxing Liu said that, his wife would occasionally cranky without violence tendency. After the incident, his wife had been sent to hospital for psychiatric evaluation.
            Emergency  The younger son was in urgent need of life-saving ventilator
               Less than one year old son of Liu Jiaxiang, has been in a coma for 11 days due to brain trauma cerebral infarction, need urgent transferring for further treatment. Because he has not been able to leaving from the ventilator, if he wants to transfer the hospital, he has to use the baby used portable ventilator on the ambulance.

               From the introduction of staffs coordinating with the transferring program, the portable ventilator of baby use is special. General ambulance equipment belongs to adult ventilator and the size and type does not meet the baby. By contacting several hospitals, they all said they did not have this equipment. Chinese traffic radio have initiated emergency combined with a number of media on more than ten platforms like live program, the official micro-blog, the official WeChat, CNR news client, The headline number, NetEase No., A dot, the Phoenix and Penguin number, to start-up the whole city to search for the lifesaving portable ventilator for baby use.
               The help has got more than 50 attention, as well as active forwarding, response and help from traffic, traffic management, media and social parties and so on.

            Love relaying the ventilation has found!
               After understanding the situation, Beijing taishite Trading Co. Ltd. immediately decided to provide the baby used portable ventilation to help little Jiaxiang! Directly open the green channel for approval and only spent one and a half hour sending the portable ventilation to the hospital after seeing the help asking!

                Rui Zong, the reporter of China traffic radio, had also contacted the Emergency Rescue Center in Chaoyang district of Beijing timely, and provided free ambulance, and timely helped the infant transferring from Tiantan hospital to Maternity and child hospital in First Hospital of Peking University! Hongxin Yao, director of the pediatric women and children s Hospital in Peking University said, PICU in our hospital had arranged the bed and ventilator and came to the six storey ward at any time.
               Site engineer Li Ping introduced this ventilator for the doctor and the media, the ventilator can be used for patients more than 5kg, can fully meet the needs of baby's breath. Need to test on the baby for half an hour and watch whether suitable or not. If it could be fitted, please transfer the hospital immediately. 

              The test is successful, the ventilator can be used normally, and it could escort for little Jiaxiang. The hospital immediately arranged transferring. After safely arrived in the maternity and child hospital of No.1 Hospital of Peking University, the medical staff immediately accessed PICU for Jia Xiang. (pediatric intensive care unit).

              The staffs in Beijing taishite Trading Co. Ltd. look at the small Xiang transferred successfully, their heart focusing on the tension also put down. However, they did not leave immediately, but to stay in the hospital and relieved going back after little Jiaxiang became stable. They also say. “Though it is a tired day, as a staff in Taishite, making a contribution for the society, still very proud!”
            Let us wish little Jiaxiang early rehabilitation! Also call for parents to rational treat their children!