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            Latest announcement

            The 15th Intensive Medicine Conference of Henan Medical Association and the Inaugural Meeting of Henan Provincial Center for Critical Care Medicine
            Source:  Time:2019-08-26 15:19

            August 23-25, 2019, sponsored by Henan Medical Association and Henan Medical Association Critical Care Medicine Branch, Xinyang Medical Association, Henan Provincial People's Hospital and Xinyang Central Hospital, the 15th severe medicine of Henan Medical Association The inaugural meeting of the conference and the Henan Provincial Center for Critical Care Quality Control was successfully held in the beautiful landscape tea capital Xinyang.
                With the theme of “normative, development and innovation”, this conference invited well-known domestic scholars and experts to discuss discipline standardization and systemization, clinical and scientific research from the perspective of academic connotation, and discuss the hot issues and latest developments in critical medicine. The content involves organ function testing and support, infection control, sedation and analgesia, nutrition therapy, and nursing. The special session of quality control and intensive care will focus on the clinical and scientific achievements of the sub-specialty field in critically ill medicine in recent years.
               As a leader in medical equipment focusing on anesthesia and intensive care, and also the general agent of many imported brands in China,Bejing Talent Trade Co., Ltd, was invited to attend this conference and presented two main products to the participant.
            Introduction of the products on the show:
            Glidescope®-videolaryngoscope: Verathon Inc.
            Designed for one-time intubation successful.

            Ambu®aScopeTM Portable Disposable Electron Bronchoscope System: Ambu
            The Ambu aScope3 Series offers three outstanding performances for airway management and lung disease management: ready-to-use, lightweight and portable, no maintenance required.
               The two products on display attracted the attention of many clinicians with their unique design. They also actively carried out simulation exercises on the head molds on the spot. They said that these two products are very characteristic, especially it is in the airway management that will help to improve the level of airway management in the department, and it is also in line with the requirements of the hospital's infection control.
               On August 25th, the conference was successfully concluded. This exhibition also received good response, which not only deepened our communication with the industry, but also made the participants more deeply aware of our products.In the future, we will continue to provide better products for everyone, and strive to contribute to the research in the field of serious diseases!